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Transform & Evolve your organization as well as your friction-free relationship with your customers.

Our Apps Drive High Impact Customer Experience

"We Design, Deploy and Support"

Path 1

Machine Learning and A.I based functions and features

High impact customer experiences


Rapidly assemble modular functional widgets to build Apps

Shorten time-to-market and time-to-value


One-code base for iOS, Android, Tablet and PC

Faster release cycle at lesser costs

Open-Source Tools :

Edge Data Processing & Data Movement in near-real-time

Group 15

Deploy dynamic & light-weight data-streams

Acquire data from multiple sources & distribute to multiple consuming Apps

Path 18

Perform “last-mile” ultra-low-latency computations

Deliver rich set of use-cases in 5 to 15 seconds’ range

Path 17

Deploy “digital-twins” paired with legacy systems

Safer, non-intrusive & opportunistic migrations towards new capabilities

Our Capabilities

"We Design, Deploy and Support"